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Case 3: Quality thanks to sensors

Quality thanks to sensors

One of our clients wanted to know what the flow was of glue within his company for an QA audit. This information is interesting for a company that glues surfaces together and is faced with quality problems, but does not know the exact reason for these problems.

In this case the machines did not have a sensor to submit the necessary information, therefore it was decided to add a sensor. The new information is now stored in a database and will be used by an QA assistant to search trends in the quality of the finished product and the viscosity level. It is important to submit the product batch information (batch number/date and time) via the sensors.

Later on the configuration will be expanded with temperature, humidity… measurements to assess which environmental variables could manipulate these. Various data streams are recorded in this case. Subsequent thresholds can be interesting to warn an operator to prevent bad quality.

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