Ecology & people

Ecological production with dynamic teams

Reduce your ecological footprint thanks to flagstone via an optimised production process and support your employees in forming dynamic teams.

Optimise your logistics

Both the supply as the delivery of products requires logistical costs, therefore it is recommended to think about transport optimisation, simply put: “the right vehicle at the right moment”.

Forklift trucks and Automated Guided Vehicles can be used optimally by using an integrated system. This means that no unnecessary energy will be lost anymore.


Reduce waste

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more important every day and producing more economically with less waste as a result is better for the environment.

Changing a production order takes time, energy and raw material as the settings must be tested in order to know the quality of the production after the change.

By linking a connection of the information of your ERP system with your machine you can reduce your waste to a minimum.


Less rework

Improving products afterwards entails high costs, therefore it is necessary to proactively tune the machines and processes so the costs can be reduced to a minimum. Both ecologically as financially it is highly recommended to avoid these costs.


Flexible teams

Everything becomes dynamic, including the production teams.

You can obtain a more dynamic team by integrating software with a low learning curve and with a high degree of support with the job the team must perform.

Depending on the level of experience the information might deviate, but this way you can provide variation in the job for both interim people as employees of other department. This reduces the operational stress level.