Future proof

Your future starts today

Be prepared, together with Flagstone, to respond to the changing demand in the market, this will lead to a better market position compared to your competitors!

Innovation is your best ticket for the future

When operational excellence is no longer sufficient, innovation is the best choice.

The competition in the market ensures that optimisation of your business processes is no longer an option but a must. After all your margin can come under such pressure that a further reduction thereof is no longer acceptable.

The only way to get out of the above situation is to take the road to innovation! Innovation of the business processes is a drastic action that can completely change your business model for the best.


Data is the new gold

Anticipate with the current data within the company before AI becomes a must in your company.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are used more and more in the industry. Although you have not reached this point yet, it is however important to create as many data streams as possible.

You activate an external lever when you can activate data via AI. Data without intelligence is a burden, data with intelligence is value.


Piece production is not utopia

The luxury to switch from large batches to piece production entails higher costs for the production company.

The tendency to produce smaller batches requires high costs from your organisation. To reduce the production costs, both the existing software, the people as the machines must be better aligned.


Optimise your external flows

Both the client as your supplier together with your company form an unique eco system.

Optimisation of the business processes ensures that the right raw materials are delivered at the exact moment that the sales order requires these raw materials.

In other words the aforementioned ensures that the capacity in the company is used optimally and this has no negative consequences for the delivery time to the client.


Optimise your internal flows

In a self-managing company it is necessary that all teams and processes have the option to communicate with each other.

For example: if a problem occurs in the coating department, it makes little sense to continue to produce semi-finished products.

Thanks to Flagstone it is possible that the processes automatically respond to problems and in turn automatically optimise the process.


Product variation is not a misery

Clients’ quicker changing needs are no longer a problem for operations thanks to Flagstone.

Trends expect personalisation of products to become obvious and depending on the type of product that you produce this can be a simple variation or a more complex one.

Innovation is required to keep your changeover times and process under control in order to quickly switch when clients consider this necessary.