Challenges DMU

Prepare your company for the future with our services.

Industry 4.0 will have an impact for all companies in the production industry. Make sure you are at the front and let your company benefit from the advantages that are entailed in automating business processes.





Co-creation provides innovation

A fresh look by an external party helps to innovate the company and to transform the company in order to be more performant.

  • Co-creation with all stakeholders
  • Flagstone helps to define the objectives, priorities and deadlines
  • We help to write quotations to suppliers
  • We provide support with interviewing other (new) suppliers and with making the right choice

Price & cost price calculation

Calculate the exact product cost and reduce your stock.

  • Flagstone adds sensor to machines
  • The real-time data is linked to an existing software system
  • It is also possible to create a completely separate software system

Optimalisatie productie-eenheden

Flagstone ensures that there is less waste with the production and that the produced units have a better quality than previously, thanks to a better interaction with the machines.

  • We add interactivity to the machines
  • It is also possible to keep the stored data of the production settings in the modified machines


  • We install sensors on machines
  • We analyse the recorded data and create an algorithm in order to control quality problems
  • Warnings for your operators can be set to prevent quality problems
  • All information can be collected in an existing system
  • It is also possible to create a completely separate quality system

Complex technical projects

A technical implementation – for example an integration of a AGV project (“automated guided vehicle”) – often requires internal and/or external stakeholders.

The project must be managed where the people on the shop floor and the direction we are working towards are aligned. The budget, the time and the complexity do not always allow us to settle this just with internal stakeholders.

  • We co-create with all stakeholders in order to fine-tune the scope
  • We track the time and the material that is used
  • We are responsible for the project management and we report to the management
  • We create software solutions to connect the silo systems

Monitor your KPIs

Measure the performance of your company in order to work more efficient in the future.

To be able to reduce the costs of your company, it is necessary to gain more insight into your company so we can identify the bottlenecks. This way you can determine how you can solve the identified problems and continue to optimise these results by continuing to measure.

An initial KPI measurement dashboard will be installed by Flagstone in accordance with OEE (“overall equipment effectiveness”):

  • Flagstone builds a visual attractive dashboard
  • Real-time information from the machines is collected in the installed dashboard
  • We combine all information with data from the legacy system
  • Our clients can configure, experiment and measure their result

Reduce machine breakdowns

Make sure that unexcepted machines stops do not occur.

Preventive maintenance of the (older) machines can be implemented when we add the sensors.

  • Flagstone adds sensors to the machines
  • Real-time data is linked to an existing software system
  • It is also possible to create a completely separate software system

Optimisation business resources

Improve the operational planning of people and machines within the company.

By collecting data from the machines and by optimising the way the machines operate, you can plan your resources more accurately for the future thanks to Flagstone. Furthermore, you can rotate the people on the shop floor more which creates more variety in their job which leads to more satisfied employees.

  • Flagstone adds sensors to machines
  • The real-time data is linked to an existing planning software
  • It is also possible to create a completely separate planning system