Operational excellence

Cost driven

Competitive prices demand the necessary effort to make the structure in the company cost-efficient. Each production location in the factory must be used to the maximum.

Make your machines smarter

Reduce the time when you do not produce!

Involving your machines in the decision flow is the perfect start to improve your planning and downtime by machine breakdown.

Missing information can be exposed

Even if you have an existing machine park, additional sensors can still expose missing information. With these insights you can plan the maintenance better and work more optimally in your planning department.


Increase your integration

Reduce the number of manual errors!

Information regarding machine stops, machine settings, waste, etc… is necessary to improve and measure the efficiency. Tackle these manual errors by integrating sensors and custom-made software with your ERP system. SAP, Axapta or another ERP system allows integration. These satellite applications enrich your master data.


Improve your quality

Reduce wrong production runs!

Detecting quality problems in an existing machine park is possible by obtaining insights on the context data of the production run. Sensors and PLC information, together with your order information, can provide insights to intervene on time with the following production runs.


Knowledge is power

Integrate dashboards to support you!

To follow-up before and after situations in your company you can use Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards or reports. A well-known and commonly used KPI is the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) KPI. Depending on which question you can start following up triggers.