Specific problems

Flagstone can offer help for any specific problem

Identifying your problem is the first step towards the right solution. Flagstone can support your company with this by making an analysis of the performance. After this analysis Flagstone can also help you with the implementation.

Expanding machines with sensors

Obtain insight on your production

In the context of quality and efficiency monitoring, capturing sensor information is the way to go. The data obtained via Internet of Things (IOT) can easily be integrated or visualised in an existing or new application.


Reduce Excel on the shop floor

Improve the ERP master data with additional qualitative data

Excel is a great way to make a part of the job easier in a pragmatic way and to quickly test your data. Once your set has been tested, it is best to switch to an application so nothing is lost and everything can be integrated with the data of the ERP system.


Visualise your production

Inform your employees on the shop floor via SCADA

To inform the employees of the actual situation on the shop floor, SCADA is a way to accomplish this. Crossing context data – from production order data, client information, delivery data,… – with real time machine data is an option to quickly detect and solve problems.


Automate a business process

Satellite applications on top of you ERP system.

Some applications are not available off-the-shelf and require that much adjustment that customisation offers a better solution. Making aesthetic and user-friendly software ensures that each employee sees the right information on his scanner (both windows as android), web application or native application and can easily control this.


Give meaning to your data

Your current data may already contain gold

Even your current data that is stored in various systems can tell you much more than currently is the case. Data science is a way to supplement the errors of existing data with meaningful information so it gets more decision-making power within your organisation.


Integrate various applications

Turn your digital organisation into one

Stand-alone applications are a source of annoyance to make you factory data-driven. Almost every application can be connected with each other via middleware. Once you also include your client and supplier in this story you can sometimes create a larger lever.