AMR Logistics Orchestration For Agile Production

Problem:  As optimization of internal production logistics is crucial to become more agile we are still struggling with the fact that integrating a task driven AMR solution is still very complex, the loading and unloading is still too slow (docking) and it is difficult to combine systems of different brands. As a result, the ROI becomes unclear which prevents implementations at SMEs.

Solution: Flagstone, Altachem and Sirris want to demonstrate both the technological and economic feasibility by making use of advanced AMR Logistics. The orchestration platform and connectors will be modular/adaptable and easy to implement for European SME’s

Benefits:  we want to prove that

  1. Operators will be able to focus more on value-adding tasks instead on logistic handling
  2. Increase the profitability per m² as less floorspace will be needed for production machines
  3. Increase operator ergonomics
  4. Optimize the initial flow by changing the configured processes


  • Find the right level of detail to build hardware agnostic, modular and extendable open building blocks (ease of reuse, different brands of AMRs will be used in the demonstrator)
  • We need to build a digital ecosystem of ERP/WMS/MES and hardware so orchestration of logistics and machine will become possible
  • We need to have the ability to simulate the effect by changing configuration parameters
  • Shortening the docking time by automated loading and unloading


  • Flagstone will develop software tools that are needed to allow event driven orchestration and parametrizable integration between software and hardware
  • Sirris will develop the automation add-ons which will allow easy docking, loading and unloading of the AMRs
  • Altachem will be able to test its vision to autonomous load/unload its machines with AMRs within a lean and cost-effective production concept


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nr 825196